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Aquaculture Resources Limited

The Federation of Maltese Aquaculture Producers represents the interests of the aquaculture sector in Malta, in particular the tuna farming segment. At its core lies the promotion of sustainable practices in the development of aquaculture in Malta. Its first major milestone to this effect was the development of the plant for the transformation of animal byproducts from the harvesting of tuna into fishmeal and fish oil, which is fully in line with the principles of a circular economy. The Federation is actively working in the development of new markets where Malta’s pride is exported to new markets, starting with China. At the fair we shall be showcasing tuna at its best. We shall have live cooking demonstrations where people will be able to taste tuna.


Delicata, Malta’s foremost winemaker, has been helping Maltese and Gozitan farmers grow quality grapes for the winery’s award-winning wines since 1994. The winery’s wines are sought-after, and more grapes are needed for more I.G.T. Maltese Islands, D.O.K. Malta and D.O.K. Gozo wines. Delicata already offers free expert advice and hands-on assistance to over 200 farmers that grow grapes for Delicata in Malta and Gozo. Still more farmers are needed though to grow grapes to meet the ever-increasing demand for Delicata’s locally made quality wines. If you are an aspiring grape grower, come speak to Delicata’s viticulturist at the fair or ask for a free consultation anytime at your convenience.

Ta' Mena

Ta' Mena is a small family run business producing authentic local typical Gozitan food and Wines. Our idea is to present a product with a difference to our guests; we offer something more than sun, sea and comfort, in fact we strive to present Gozo’s history, folklore and culture. We want to provide an educational experience to all through food, with a Gozitan touch!


Equitrade Ltd has been operating since 1991. We are wholesalers and retail distributors for horse equipment, horseshoes, feed supplements and veterinary pharmaceuticals for all animals. We have 2 points of sale, one equine shop and a veterinary pharmacy adjacent to the horse shop by the racecourse in Marsa. Apart from horse pharmaceuticals and equipment we also supply vaccines and pharmaceuticals for pigeons, rabbits, dogs, cats and pigs, supplements for farm animals and products for bee production.

PH Borg Limited

Introducing Ph Borg Limited, a seasoned leader with over four decades of experience in fuel and LPG supply. Founded by Joseph Borg in the 70s, our journey began with personalized door-to-door fuel services, evolving into a private family-owned entity in 2012. Specializing in Heating Gas Oil, Diesel EN590, Kerosene, and LPG, we serve homes, farms, and major industries. Our 24/7 delivery ensures flexible coverage throughout Malta. As the exclusive transporter of Liquigas Malta and Enemed, we prioritize safety with a fleet of more than 10 ADR-compliant vehicles. Recognizing fuel supply challenges, we offer certified, portable, and stationary fuel tanks from reputable German and UK brands. Elevate your operations' efficiency with our high-quality fuel solutions, designed to ease your daily fuel management concerns.


Since its establishment on September 17th, 1973, the National Association of Hunters and Trappers has been dedicated to preserving traditional Maltese hunting practices, particularly migratory bird hunting and live-capturing for conservation purposes. Evolving into the Federation for Hunting & Conservation – Malta (FKNK) in June 1998, it now encompasses 23 associations and various committees, including those overseeing hunting reserves. The FKNK gained international recognition, joining prominent organisations such as FACE and CIC. With affiliations like OMPO and SCI, it plays a significant role in local and global conservation efforts. Additionally, as the largest NGO in the Maltese Islands with approximately 10,000 adult members, the FKNK will promote the first-ever local publication of game recipes during Agrifair.


WES TRADE is a company specialised in integrated high-level innovative solutions applied to agriculture such as IRRIGOPTIMAL, able to predict water needs in the next three days with an awarded AI-based solution reducing water consumptions for multiple types of crops and soils. The algorithm was awarded as Best Innovative Climate Solution at MB Awards, Best Innovation at UK Prestige Award and by FAO as one of the best innovations for Agriculture. IRRIGOPTIMAL is able through Artificial Intelligence to identify early alerts of pests and disease for some types of crops and to monitor crop growth reducing fertilisers and pesticides.

Veggy Malta

VeggyMalta is committed to inspiring and guiding individuals on their journey toward embracing a plant-based lifestyle. With a focus on sustainability, VeggyMalta encourages the use of locally sourced produce whenever possible, recognising the environmental benefits and promoting a connection with the community.

Vuċi għall-Annimali

Vuci għall-Annimali advocates for the rights and true freedoms of all animals including farm animals. Whilst we believe that no farm animal should die and suffer to feed humans, we want to increase awareness on the conditions they are forced to live in and importantly on pan-European initiatives like End The Cage Age.

Malta Food Agency

The Malta Food Agency plays a pivotal role in overseeing the markets of Malta, including the pitkalija, pixkerija, and farmers' markets. It ensures the quality and freshness of locally sourced produce available at these markets, aligning perfectly with our commitment to showcasing the best culinary experiences. Join us at our stand, where an on-site chef will craft a charming array of culinary delights using locally sourced ingredients. Indulge in a seamless and continuous journey of savouring local foods throughout the day. This experience underscores the significance of farm-to-fork freshness, celebrating the connection between the consumer and the consumables.

Joelyn Gauci

At the fair we are going to exhibit and sell, our fresh genuine cheeselets. My father began producing cheeselets in 1980 and now my son took the reins in his hands. Our products are made from fresh sheep and goats milk,that is milked from the animals every morning.We do the cheeselets everyday and they are served fresh, hard or peppered. The ġbejna is a typical maltese cheese which is rich and creamy in texture.

MLR Imports

MLR Imports Ltd specializes in providing premium pet brands in Malta, offering a diverse range of products for various animals, including fish, turtles, rabbits, cats, dogs, and horses. The company is particularly adept at catering to the needs of cats and dogs, demonstrating expertise in this specific market segment. At the upcoming AgriFair, MLR Imports will proudly showcase top-notch brands such as Vitapol and Science Selective for small animals, Farma Friends seeds for birds, and premium horse bedding options like Peerspan and Linabox. Visitors are warmly encouraged to explore the MLR Imports stand during the AgriFair and interact with our knowledgeable representatives.

Public Abbattoir

The Public Abattoir provides holistic services related to meat production, including humane slaughter, carcass dressing, carcass cutting and deboning for swine, bovines, ovines, caprines, equines and cervids. At the same time supports efforts to valorise local meat products through research and innovation, product diversification, supply chain support, training support as well as initiatives to promote local meat products. At the Agrifair 2024 it will showcase such efforts with a particular focus on extolling the versatility of traditional meat products (such as but not limited to mazzit and kirxa) as well as less popular meat cuts in an innovative way.

BioAqua Garden

Introducing BioAquaGarden, an innovative patented technology in Aquasoilponics. Our Cyclonized Wheels, and Agrivoltaics, have the power to transform barren and infertile lands or abandoned greenhouses into sustainable resource agriculture. Through diverse growing technologies, we cultivate a variety of crops, ranging from cabbages, cauliflower, lettuce, rucola, broccoli, to tomatoes, and even strawberries. After rigorous testing and refinement over three years, our Sustainable Agriculture Solution stands unrivaled in comparison to other crop production systems. By implementing our new patented modular Cyclonized Wheels, farmers can efficiently grow crops throughout the entire year. What sets us apart is our commitment to environmental responsibility. We refrain from using fertilizers, pesticides, or any other toxic substances. Instead, we employ our innovative technique, complemented by freshwater fish feces, to nourish wholesome, fast-growing, great-tasting crops with a remarkable shelf life. Our environmentally friendly food systems not only recycle water but also promote energy saving and are meticulously designed to be carbon negative, contributing to the establishment of a circular economy. Join us in revolutionizing agriculture and embracing a sustainable future!

BSS Ltd.

BSS Ltd.'s will be showcasing a vibrant array of trees, flowering plants, seedlings, compost, fertilizers, and essential gardening supplies. Discover our extensive selection designed to cater to all your gardening needs. From novice enthusiasts to seasoned green thumbs, we offer high-quality products to cultivate thriving gardens. Explore our stand to find the perfect tools and resources to nurture your green spaces and bring your garden visions to life.

Ramla Valley

Ramla Valley is a family run country estate situated in the fertile valley of Ramla l-Hamra bay in Nadur on the island of Gozo, Malta. Our family has been working in these fields from one generation to another for many years. In fact , this is the 7th generation . Till this very day, we cultivate the fields in a traditional way, being careful to work hand in hand with nature. We produce a variety of local artisan products known for their distinct flavour and character due to the quality of sandy soils found in the valley. At Ramla Valley we produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) from our groves and other homemade delicacies from the products in our fields. Our EVOO is a robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is harvested by hand with the use of pneumatic combs. We take care that all the olives are cold pressed in our own olive mill on the same day of collection solely by mechanical means. Apart from our International Award winning EVOO, we also produce aromatic extra virgin olive oils which include Basil, Chili, Rosemary, Garlic, Lemon, and Bay leaf. We have a selection of other traditional homemade delicacies such as honey, carob syrup, homemade jams, local olives, capers, Traditional Gozo Kunserva, sundried tomatoes, as well as seasonal fruits especially sweet oranges and veg from our groves and fields.

Malta Beekeepers Association

It was established in 1979 and registered in 2018 as a Voluntary Organisation with the commissioner for Voluntary Organisations. It has no connection with any political party or unions. The aims of the association are: To protect, improve, and coordinate the interests of beekeepers. To protect the local production of honey and honey bee products. To increase the public awareness, education, and appreciation of honey bees. To discuss with the local authorities about beekeeping difficulties and to propose solutions. To encourage the husbandry and conservation of the Maltese honey bee (Apis mellifera ruttneri) and its natural habitats.


Talpe takes immense pride in championing local craftsmanship, crafting delectable jams, chutneys, and chili pastes alongside luscious olives and premium olive oil. Our establishment promotes a genuine land-to-hand journey, celebrating the richness of our land and the skillful hands that nurture it


Smina is nowadays established as the go to supplier for FRESH LOCAL POULTRY PRODUCTS . During this exhibition we will be showcasing our products and also have the chance to taste our products.

Greenview Co Ltd.

Greenview Co Ltd are stockists of peat based substrates a well as biodegradable plastic pots for growers. We have been supplying various substrates to the local market since 1994. We also supply coir and additives like perlite and vermiculite in FCL quantities on request. Our brands of peat products are Klasmann-Deilmann for the professional grower and Hollandfior Premium for the hobby market, while our brand of nursery pots is TEKU by Pöppelmann.


The Directorate for VET and STEM Programmes operates within the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation. Amongst the several curricular areas, vocational education is now an essential component within this Directorate of which one of the subjects under its responsibility is Agribusiness. Currently, Vocational and Applied Agribusiness are being offered in three state Colleges (Gozo College, Maria Regina College and St. Ignatius College) and one Church school (The Archbishop’s Seminary College). Such an option subject is studied between years 9 and 11 and each year is tied to an educational unit. Students opting for either Vocational or Applied Agribusiness are given the opportunity to achieve from levels 1 to 3 of the Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF). During their studies, students learn about plant and soil science, horticulture, occupational health and safety, animal husbandry, basic veterinary care, animal grooming, apiculture and aquaculture. Assessment of Vocational subjects is achieved through both coursework and controlled tasks as to include both continuous and summative assessment.

World Marketing

World Marketing, a dynamic organization, places a primary focus on showcasing its innovative water treatment solutions at the Agri Fair. These systems, available in various sizes and configurations, demonstrate the company's commitment to supporting local agriculture and promoting environmental sustainability. Complementing its water treatment offerings, World Marketing also provides a diverse range of products including kitchen appliances, bedding systems, health and beauty products, and more. By addressing the essential needs of both home and business sectors, the company enhances lives while fostering a healthier living. With this dedication, World Marketing's participation in the AgriFair highlights its commitment to the overall well-being in conjunction with local produce.


At Solis Tractors we offer a complete agri solution; products include agricultural tractors and the related implements. Tractors sizes range from 16 horsepower up to 90 horsepower all being stage V and can be registered for road use in Malta and Gozo. As exclusive distributors for Solis tractors and implements we also cater for on site maintenance, spare parts and any other aftersales of the same brand. Apart from Solis brand we do supply various other machinery, equipment and parts to compliment and ensure complete solutions for our clients. Please come and visit our stand to explore our product range.

Agrowa Tech

Agrowa Tech specializes in pioneering vertical farming solutions, catalyzing urban and community agriculture to address food security challenges. We offer a robust line of modular cabinet and wall units, as well as scalable, commercial high-tech indoor farming systems, backed by comprehensive end-to-end farm management services. With a blend of on-site expertise and advanced cloud-based monitoring, our approach marries modern innovation with traditional agricultural practices. At Agrowa, we empower communities, schools, businesses, and individuals to transform underused spaces into vibrant, green food sources, ensuring a sustainable, nutritious future.

Bonnici Stores

Bonnici Stores Ltd., a stalwart in Malta for over seven decades, stands as a leading wholesaler and retailer. We import premier brands from Europe and Asia, including Massey Ferguson, Yanmar, Sicma, and more. Specialising in agricultural equipment spanning irrigation to tractors, our offerings extend to construction essentials like hardware, floor saws, and brick cutters. Industrial requisites such as generators and extracting fans are part of our comprehensive inventory. Additionally, we cater to marine needs, providing fittings and engines. Trust Bonnici Stores Ltd. for top-tier equipment and unparalleled service in Malta's commercial landscape.

H&C Installations Ltd.

H&C Installations Ltd, established in 2015, specializes in security systems, animal management, and renewable energy solutions. Our comprehensive portfolio includes a wide range of products, encompassing CCTV cameras, gate automation, fire & intruder alarms, e-fences, energizers, solar panels, batteries, and more. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, our expertise lies in providing tailor-made solutions to meet individual needs. H&C Installations Ltd is your reliable partner when it comes to fulfilling your security, animal management, and energy efficiency requirements.

EU Funds

The Managing Authorities for the European Maritime Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFF) and the Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan (CAP) are responsible to manage and provide guidance and support on European Funds targeted at fishers and farmers respectively. Both Managing Authorities, and SEM, will be present on the stand to promote funding opportunities available for both fisheries and agricultural sectors. AgriFair will provide an opportunity to showcase results of successfully funded projects and the Managing Authorities, assisted by Servizzi Ewropej f’Malta (SEM), will provide assistance on the submission of application process and support successful applicants in implementing their projects.

K.I.M. Ltd.

K.I.M Ltd brings together 85 producers of Maltese pork, and guarantees the supply of fresh and genuine pork for Maltese kitchens. The Cooperative offers a variety of services to its members, aimed at helping them sell their products at a competitive price. The fact that K.I.M Ltd is a Cooperative means that the organisation is bound to refer to Cooperative principles in its day to day activities. Business ethics and concern for the community being served are important considerations in all K.I.M Ltd activities. K.I.M Ltd. created the Kim's brand to help consumers to recognise local pork sold by the Cooperative and thereby reduce the risk of food fraud.

Julian Galea – Nut Butters

Julian's Heavenlies specifies on mainly nut butters, 6 different kinds, containing simply whatever the nut is and a small amount of sea salt. One of these include the first widely produced full Pistachio Butter in Malta, which is well known for its authentic taste and amazing versatility. Other than this Julian's Heavenlies produce one of the best Peanut Butters AROUND!

Roderick Agius

J&R Agius is a small family business. Our aim is to embrace the tradition of the Gozo cheeselets. Our father started the business back in 1985 after which my brother John and I took over the running of the business which we expanded it with the help of EU funds.

David Gauci

Il-familja Gauci, tlett aħwa, kburin li komplejna bħall-ġenerazzjonijiet ta’ qabilna, bdiewa, naħdmu l-art u nkabbru l-prodotti agrikoli biex inwasslu frott u ħaxix frisk fil-Farmers Market Ta’ Qali. Tlett aħwa John, Mark u David naħdmu id f’id mal-familji tagħna l-għelieqi fil-Limit ta’ l-Imġarr u San Pawl il-Baħar, fosthom il-Manikata. Għal dawn l-aħħar 12 -il sena, mill-bidu tal-Farmers Market issibna kull nhar ta’ Tlieta u Sibt ġewwa Ta’ Qali. Inbiegħu dirett lill-konsumatur l-għelejjel tagħna, frott u ħaxix u prodotti tal-ħalib fosthom frawli, ħaxix tal-borma, dulliegħ, bettieħ u ħafna iktar, kif ukoll ġbejniet. Huwa ta’ pjaċir li nitkellmu, naqsmu l-esperjenzi tagħna mal-konsumatur li jiġi jixtri min għandna. Min jiġi jerġa jiġi għaliex nwasslu prodott ġenwin.

AC Aquatics

AC Aquatics has been established since 2017 with the aim of providing services related to aquaria. This has expanded to providing maintenance on ponds and aquaponics systems. We also do custom-made aquaria to the client's desires. Maintenance on such can be diverse from filter cleaning to changing water routinely as needed depending on the type of aquarium or pond. We specialize mostly in creating freshwater aquascapes with live plants therefore in the upcoming AgriFair 2024, we will showcase our newly imported brand of High-End Professional CO2 Systems to grow live freshwater plants. On the stand, we will also have Aquaria bundles with Great Discounts!

Breeds of Origin Conservancy

BOC, Breeds of Origin Conservancy is non-profit organisation established in 2016 to lead, oversee and promote the conservation of the endemic flora and fauna, indigenous breeds; native species and subspecies; and cultivated varieties of trees and plants which is of vital importance to preserve the Maltese biodiversity for economic, social, educational and cultural purposes. Today, these indigenous breeds; endemic species and subspecies; and cultivated varieties of trees and plants are increasingly threatened through commercial agriculture and consumption habits. As stewards of indigenous knowledge, we are vital to preserve cultural sovereignty and agro biodiversity.

San Niklaw Farm

We produce food items made from sheep’s milk such as ricotta, cheese, ravioli, pastries, zeppole, and many other sweets.

Koperattivi Malta

Koperattivi Malta is a dynamic non-governmental organization committed to nurturing and advocating for all Co-operative enterprises in Malta. Our mission is to champion economic sustainability, foster job creation, promote community development, and advance social inclusion through Co-operative initiatives. Serving as the Apex representation of Co-operatives in Malta and Gozo, Koperattivi Malta boasts over 5000 members spanning various sectors, including agriculture, research and development, education and childcare, environment, pharmaceuticals, archaeology, art and culture, and transportation, among others. We are excited to announce our participation in AgriFair 2024, where we will join forces with our esteemed co-operative members – Malta Dairy Products Ltd, Farmers Central Co-Operative Ltd, The Olive Growers Cooperative Limited, Koperattiva Maltija Tal-Moghoz u n-Naghag Limitata and Koperattiva Ghasel Malti Ltd. Together, we aim to offer consumers an authentic and yet convenient food market experience, showcasing the diverse range of high-quality products produced by our Co-operative members. Additionally, we will have our genuine food products available for purchase at the event, giving attendees the chance to enjoy and buy our offerings directly.

Malta Dairy Products Ltd.

Malta Dairy Products Ltd. is the leading processing dairy plant on the Maltese Islands. We process, pack and distribute fresh milk and milk products originating solely from the Maltese Islands. Fresh milk is brought in every single day from 89 farms around Malta and Gozo. The milk is not sterilized, but simply pasteurized to retain its fresh taste and nutritious quality. Product safety and quality are at the heart of the Company’s culture and relentless pursuit to ensure that all its products are produced in a hygienic and efficient manner. At Malta Dairy Products Ltd. we pride ourselves in being the leading Cooperative of dairy farmers across Malta and Gozo, with a mission to utilize all the milk provided by our herdsmen.


Farmers Central Cooperative Society Ltd, commonly known as FCCS, is made up of seven primary co-operatives, namely: Dingli Farmers’ Co-Operative, Mgarr Farmers’ Co-Operative, Qormi Farmers’ Co-Operative, Rabat Farmers’ Co-Operative, St. Paul’s Bay Farmers’ Co-Operative, Siggiewi/Zebbug Farmers’ Co-Operative, as well as Zabbar Farmers’ Co-Operative. The FCCS comprises around one thousand farmers who deliver their products at the Pitkali Centre, Ta’ Qali. The FCCS plays an essential role in the economy and well-being of the population by providing the community with access to high-quality, fresh, healthy and locally-sourced food.

The Olive Growers Cooperative Ltd.

The Olive Growers Cooperative Limited, established in February 2023, spearhead a modernization programme in Malta's olive sector. With the backing of the Ministry of Agriculture, we aim to elevate awareness and promotion of this vital industry. Since the resurgence of olive cultivation in the late 90's, farmers have diversified their cultivars, including the indigenous IL-BIDNI olive tree. Despite the sector's ongoing growth, we take pride in producing high-quality extra virgin olive oil that meets the unique preferences of international consumers. Under our brand name MALITA, we unite Malta's olive growers, delivering premium extra virgin olive oil both locally and internationally.


Koperattiva Maltija Tal-Moghoz u n-Naghag Limitata established in 2024, is dedicated to advancing goat and sheep welfare and industry development. Our commitment extends to safeguarding goats and sheep from cruelty, advocating for breeders' interests, and ensuring the long-term prosperity of the farming industry. Through educational initiatives and knowledge dissemination, we strive to enhance the quality of goat and sheep breeds and cultivate valued traits. Additionally, we provide efficient services aimed at enhancing production, and offer training and assistance to our members. Furthermore, we actively promote goat and sheep breeding, along with their associated products, to foster a sustainable industry in Malta.

Koperattivi Ghasel Malti Ltd.

Koperattiva Ghasel Malti Limited is committed to supporting and advancing the beekeeping industry in Malta. Our primary focus in on promoting local consumption and advocating for the significance of authentic honey products sourced from Maltese and Gozitan beekeepers. Moreover, the Co-Operative is dedicated to safeguarding the sustainability and long-term viability of beekeeping practices to ensure the long-term prosperity of beekeepers and the environment in Malta and Gozo. In addition to these efforts, we actively engage in educational initiatives to raise awareness about the importance of bees and their vital role in our ecosystem.

Tulliera Farm Deli

At Tulliera Farm Deli, we strive to promote authentic Maltese farming whilst safeguarding the rural landscape of Delimara through sustainability and without the use of harmful substances such as pesticides. At our farm, we take pride in promoting the conservation of local indigenous breeds through a collaboration with a voluntary, local organisation named Breeds of Origin Conservancy. Our breeds also roam outside grazing on locally grown, organic fodder and their manure is used to fertilise our crops. The protection of the environment is central to our philosophy. We use sustainable packaging for our products to reduce our ecological footprint. Our products are packaged in fully recyclable materials such as glass jars for our preserves and the carton containers for our Delimara Sea Salt.

Koperattiva tat-Tadam Ghall-Iprocessar Ltd.

This Co-operative oversees the cultivation of tomatoes for processing. They manage every stage, from plantations to harvesting, ensuring excellence of Maltese quality tomatoes. Their dedication to sustainability and community support strengthens their role in the agricultural landscape, enriching both farmers and consumers with quality produce and opportunities for growth.

SR Group

SR Group is a well-established family-owned business that has been a key player in its industry for over thirty years. The Group operates across a diverse range of market sectors, focusing on two primary divisions: SR Services Ltd and SR Environmental Solutions Ltd. SR Services Ltd supplies construction, agricultural and industrial machinery and equipment, whilst SR Environmental Solutions Ltd specialises in the supply of equipment and solutions for the waste management, environmental and recycling sector.

Leone Feeds

Founded in 2018, Leone Feeds set itself to be a key importer and retailer of animal feeds and animal care products. The company is the importer of Mangimi Leone, a widely known and well sought animal feeds brands that has strong market presence in Malta for over 20 years. Leone Feeds' mission is to provide high quality products and create long-term relationships with clients by providing continuous advice and support. Leone Feeds works hand in hand with Mangimi Leone to respond to customer needs and concerns. Our main objective is customer satisfaction and animal well being through innovative products and customer support.

MaYA Foundation

The Malta Youth in Agriculture Foundation (MaYA) is a registered NGO established in 2013. The Foundation’s work and activities are based on the premise that young farmers are the future generation of sustainable food production. In a globalised world where the foodsupply chain has become ever so complicated, young farmers play an active role in agriculture, to diversify and innovate production while protecting the environment. With a holistic overview of the whole agricultural sector in the Maltese Islands, the scope of MaYA is to give a voice to young farmers, building bridges between them other entities, and the general public. Through apolitical, independent, and autonomous actions, MaYA advocates and empowers rural stakeholders while protecting the best interests of the sector.






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